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January2010 key dates

Posted by Danny on January 10, 2010

Besides the cycles of the Moon, we also watch the extremes in declination and apogee-perigee for other planets.
These dates not rarely mark important tops or bottoms in various markets.

E.g. the stock market peak on 31st October 2007 came exactly at an extreme declination of Neptune.
The stock market bottom on 9th March 2009 coincided with Saturn at Perigee.

While not all these dates will mark an important top or bottom in every market (that would be a bit too easy), you may want to keep an eye on them.

Here are the planetary extremes for January (times in UTC/GMT):

Declination extremes:
Saturn 0n18 Jan 7, 2010 12h10m09s
Mercur 19s50 Jan 8, 2010 7h06m35s
Pluto 18s18 Jan 9, 2010 1h39m52s
Mercur 21s57 Jan 31, 2010 18h58m01s

Mercur 0.6715 Jan 5, 2010 12h48m27s
Venus 1.7113 Jan 13, 2010 13h24m04s
Mars 0.6640 Jan 27, 2010 19h04m06s

Whenever planetary extremes coincide with major dates in the Lunar cycle, then the potential for getting a top or bottom is higher.
We will cover this in the ebook that accompanies the Lunatic Trader software.

Happy trading, Danny

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