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Software available

Posted by Danny on April 5, 2010

It has taken somewhat longer than estimated (mainly because of personal events), but the Lunatic Trader software is finally available for download.

The good thing is that it has given us time to add more materials, and in the past months you have been able to see on this blog how we work with the lunar cycles in real time.
If you now take the program along with our weekly posts, you can easily see how we made the weekly calls.

The program displays all lunar cycles from the year 1900 till 2100 (in registered version), so you are free to study how it would have done in the past.
People who register the program also get a special ebook manual with my personal strategies for using these cycles as well as a collection of great historic examples.
After studying it you will have a new perspective on market movements.

Just go here:

Cheers,   Danny

6 Responses to “Software available”

  1. R said

    I would like to purchase the software but would prefer to receive a physical CD from you. I am migrating from PC to an Apple Mac. I am willing to pay extra for the CD. How do I contact you directly?

    • Danny said


      Thanks for your interest. We do not offer CD delivery and there is no Mac version. You may able to run the program on your Mac if you install “Parallels” on it. Try before you buy, I cannot guarantee it works on your Mac.
      You can use the contact form on the site to mail me directly.


  2. John said

    Do you have a mac version?

  3. Paul Leopold said

    Danny, what is the data source for real time ? For EOD ? Also is there a limit to the number of symbols you can monitor in LT 1.0 ?

    • Danny said

      Hi Paul,

      The software doesn’t use any datafeed and there are no ticker symbols to follow.
      It gives you the lunar cycles until the year 2100, with a strategy ebook that tells you how the cycles can be used for trading.
      There is a free trial download, which includes free tutorials and that is the best way to get an idea what you get and what you don’t get with this package.


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