Investing with the Moon

Outlook May 10

Posted by Danny on May 10, 2010

Interesting week we got.

A strong downturn started with the Pluto planteray extreme on Tuesday morning, and stocks have fallen right into the Black Period.
There was a geomagnetic storm last Sunday evening, which also contributed to downward pressure last week.
You can always monitor for geomagnetic storms on our website:

Going forward we continue with Green Period this week, so look for stocks to rebound. Already markets are up strongly in Asia and Europe this morning.
So we could get a pretty good week.
What comes next will be another question.

Stay tuned, Danny

2 Responses to “Outlook May 10”

  1. vinod said

    i must say that even though your weekly posts are brief but they right on the money.

    i wish you can write little bit more because every word you write is true like Gold and have to take each and every word of your posts.

    job well done, really great



  2. Danny said

    Hi Vinod,

    I usually write brief, because I don’t want to repeat too many things that are found everywhere on the net already. We are so flooded with information already.
    Mainly I try to report on the big picture outlook from a lunar cycles pov.

    Some people have payed for the program and the ebook with our more detailed strategies, so it would also no be fair on them to post out every detail at the beginning of each week.

    Once in a while I will mention some side information or go into more detail.
    Sometimes we will take a quick glance at how the cycles have done recently.
    But generally it will stay in the brief format.

    Anyway, glad you like the info we put out.

    Greetings, Danny

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