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Outlook June 28

Posted by Danny on June 28, 2010

Stock markets lost ground almost every day last week.
Not a surprise for those who know the Lunar Cycles or follow our blog.

Going forward, the Red Period is about to end in a couple of days, so I am looking for at least a temporary bottom this week, and then some upwards bounce into early July.
But the recent price action suggests that the path of least resistance is down for the moment.
That means our next Green Period is more likely to be on the weak aside again, and then give way to lower prices in August and September.
Only a strong showing during next Green Period would provide evidence that we have turned up again.


Some readers have asked about the overall performance of the LunaticTrader system.
Just looking at the most simple approach, buying stocks at the end of Red Period and selling them at the end of Green Period, here are the results for Nasdaq since we started sharing these Periods in July 2009:

Red Periods:
25 July – 9 Aug: +34
24 Aug – 7 Sep: -2
22 Sep – 7 Oct: -28
22 Oct – 5 Nov: -45
21 Nov – 5 Dec: +48
21 Dec – 3 Jan: +57
19 Jan – 1 Feb: -117
18 Feb – 3 Mar: +54
20 Mar – 1 Apr: +29
18 Apr – 1 May: -20
18 May – 31 May:-97
16 Jun – 29 Jun: -83 (as of 25 June)

Total return over Red Periods : -170 points on the Nasdaq Index

Green periods:
10 Aug – 23 Aug: +21
8 Sep – 21 Sep: +119
8 Oct – 21 Oct: +40
6 Nov – 20 Nov: +41
6 Dec – 20 Dec: +17
4 Jan – 18 Jan: +19
2 Feb – 17 Feb: +55
4 Mar – 19 Mar: +93
2 Apr – 17 Apr: +78
2 May – 17 May: -107
1 Jun – 15 Jun: +49

Total return over Green Periods: +425 points on the Nasdaq Index

During this time the Nasdaq rose from 1966  (on July 25, 2009) to 2223 (as of June 25, 2010) for a gain of 257 points.

Somebody who invested only during Green periods made 425 points of profit while taking only half the risk (because staying in cash during Red periods).

Greetings,  Danny

4 Responses to “Outlook June 28”

  1. Yash said

    do you display these lunar cycles dates anywhere now on your blog?

  2. Danny said

    Hi Yash,

    You can find these dates easily in our LunaticTrader program.
    It calculates them till the year 2100.
    There is a free trial download.


    • Yash said

      I remeber this program. Do free trial shows cycles till 2100 or we need order the program as I remeber reading somewhere on program instructions that only 1 month in future is available in free trial.


      • Danny said

        Yes, the free trial shows the lunar cycles from year 1900 till 1 month in the future.
        This allows you to verify how it has worked in the past.

        People who buy lifetime license for the program get a key that unlocks all charts with the lunar cyles till year 2100. It also comes with explanatory ebook, containing examples and more advanced strategies.


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