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Outlook July 5

Posted by Danny on July 6, 2010

Markets continued to drop last week, and even the first days of Green period didn’t turn the tide.

As we mentioned last week, the path of least resistance is and stays down for the moment.
I am looking for an upward bounce this week or next, but I doubt it will be the start of a longer bull run.
Too many people have been surprised by this sudden fall in the markets, and are looking to take some money off the table as soon as they can get a reasonable price.
I think we will get one or two very strong up days this week or next, and they will be selling opportunities going into the next Red Period later this month.

Stay tuned.

One Response to “Outlook July 5”

  1. […] Period in style with another strong up day on Tuesday. We warned for two strong up days in our outlook two weeks ago, and two strong up days is what we got (7th and 13th […]

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