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On the ‘Cardinal Climax’

Posted by Danny on August 5, 2010

Some readers have been writing me, asking why the market is not going down with the current ‘cardinal climax’, a number of oppositions and squares between several planets in the sky.
Here is a recent interview with our colleague Arch Crawford, where you can read more on that topic.

While we do not use aspects between the classic planets in our LunaticTrader approach, there are some comments I can give.

1) Cycles of the outer planets are very slow.  So, often there is little or no precedent for a cluster of aspects between them, like the one we have now. That makes it very difficult to estimate what effect (if any) this kind of constellation will have on the stock market.

2) In the above mentioned interview, there is the example of 1987. At that time there was a rare alignment in the sky (the so-called harmonic convergence), and Arch correctly reasoned that it couldn’t get any better, so a decline must follow.
But aren’t we now in the reverse situation?
It can’t get any worse, at least as far as the constellations in the sky go, so now a rise in stocks must follow?

Two months after the harmonic convergence climax we got a global market crash.
Two months after the current cardinal climax (= disharmonic climax), we will get what?

Time will tell.


3 Responses to “On the ‘Cardinal Climax’”

  1. Jason said

    Two months after the current cardinal climax (= disharmonic climax), we will get what?

    So are you saying the markets will rally instead fall since this is as bad as the planets can get?


    • Danny said

      Hi Jason,

      If we stay in the same line of thinking as used in the given 1987 example, then we have to say the planetary aspects cannot get any worse from here on, so a rise in stocks must follow next.

      Of course let’s not forget that markets continued upwards soon after the October 1987 crash.
      So, if the exact reverse were to happen now, then we would first see some surge in prices followed by an ongoing decline next year(s).

      Whether that will be the case I don’t know.
      Hopefully the lunar cycles point of view will keep us on the right side of the market.


  2. […] may remember what we wrote back in August on the topic of Cardinal Climax. Indeed, two months after this event the stock markets are surging higher, apparently not stopping […]

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