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Outlook January 24

Posted by Danny on January 24, 2011

We finally got some downturn in the stock market.
The Nasdaq has lost 14 points in the most recent Red Period.
We remain at a critical juncture in many charts.
It looks like last week’s break out to the upside is failing, and we are now sitting on important support as you can see in this chart (click for larger image):


Green Period is now starting. This normally favors a move to the upside.
The market will need it, because any further decline would imply a breakout to the downside and probably lead to a larger decline.

So look for the Nasdaq to claw its way back to 2750, but be ready to get out if we fall below 2670.
Green Period doesn’t guarantee the market will go up, and there is considerable risk for a break down at this point on the chart.
Also notice that the momentum reading remains very weak.

Be well, Danny

2 Responses to “Outlook January 24”

  1. vinod said


    good morning, as always your thanks for your great insight to stock market predictions. it is working exactly what you have said. one question about Gold ::: it is totally broken at present, Do you by any chance see any recovery in Gold in near term at all?????
    please be kind enough to expand further if you can ! ! !

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