Investing with the Moon

Outlook June 20

Posted by Danny on June 20, 2011

The Nasdaq dropped 116 points in the lunar Red Period that just ended.
The market briefly touched the 2600 support level we mentioned last week.

Here is the updated Nasdaq chart (click for larger image):




Now going into lunar Green Period we should see some kind of bounce here.
I am looking for a potential rise to 2700.
But we cannot rule out an ongoing downtrend, so we have to keep watching the 2600 support level, and be ready to get out if the downtrend resumes.

Good Luck, Danny

4 Responses to “Outlook June 20”

  1. vickv said

    Great advice, i greatly follow you almost on a daily basis to see whether you update any news on twitter even. would you mind commenting on EURO and Dollar if possible since Uncle Ben said or atleast interpreted by cnbc pundits that there won’t be QE3


    • Danny said

      Hi Vickv,

      Euro and dollar are not included in LunaticTrader program, but I do cover them in our irregular Four Pillars Finance newsletter and blog ( see: ).

      Next version of LunaticTrader program will add gold and bonds(interest rates), because these also display a noticable lunar effect.


      • vickv said


        Good morning,

        thanks for reply ; yes also i follow Four pillars site regularly

        but it has not been updated recently so i wrote but when you update Lunatic trader please let me know

        thanks again and have a Great day


      • Danny said

        FPF is much more long term and we update it once in a while, basically when time permits.
        It is a free service after all.


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