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Who is not waiting for a pullback?

Posted by Dan on November 17, 2014

The ebola whipsaw in October has left investors scratching their heads. Many may be waiting for some pullback to get back into the stocks they sold in panic just one month ago. And they were probably hoping that the end of QE would give them a chance to get back in at much lower prices. But no, stocks just continue to grind up without any pullback worth talking about. What’s going on?
Let’s have a look at the Nasdaq (click image to enlarge):


The Nasdaq is sitting just below overhead resistance near 4700. Could it actually break out to the upside? That appears unlikely given the massive surge we have seen in the recent month. But you never know. All we may get is a few down days with impatient buyers stepping in immediately. I never rule out any scenario, and it is possible that the October sell-off has marked the end of a 10 month sideways correction. If so, then we will see a breakout to the upside in the next month or two. The Nasdaq could climb to ~5000, then briefly pull back to 4700 in January, before going on in 2015.
It will take a drop below the October lows to push us into a bear market. If that doesn’t happen investors will soon start focusing on two round numbers: 5000 for the Nasdaq and 20000 for the Dow Jones.
People may wonder: where will the money come from to push stocks higher. I think the answer is: out of bonds.

On the downside, major support remains near 4500, the July highs. That’s where buyers are likely to show up if we get the eagerly awaited pullback.

Good luck,

3 Responses to “Who is not waiting for a pullback?”

  1. Kris Au said

    Hi Danny

    I lost your lunar software because my laptop computer was not supported by window xp. Anyway, one thing about market kept going up may be due to one of the factors, round robin method. It happened before a court of law and was fined as round robin can push price high or push price low, without actually owning the stocks. For those who do not know about round robin, Could Danny please explain to them.

    • Danny said

      Thanks for mentioning, but I have never heard about it, Kris.
      Maybe google will pull up some explanations about it for you.


      • Kris Au said

        As an accountant before, I knew what it meant and operates. I just said that if your readers do not know, then maybe you can explain to them. A guy I communicated with also knew about this, as years ago I subscribed his site support and resistance for around 6months. He lives in USA. He said that it can happen in USA but who is going to uncover it, he wondered?

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