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Just a quick post. I have been invited to give an “Ask me Anything” (AMA) session on Scutify today. So, you are all welcome to join with your questions about lunar cycles, the reversal levels, reading tea leaves, the future of the past, or anything else you always wanted to ask.

You can join at this link: Ask me Anything and if you are not registered on the site you can also log in with your Twitter or Facebook account. The session will start at the US market close today, 4pm EDT, but you can already enter your questions in advance and pick up the answer later if you are unable to join in at that time.

Looking forward to see you.


By Dan

Author of LunaticTrader and Reversal Levels method. Stock market forecasts based on proprietary indicators, seasonal patterns and moon cycles.


  1. Hi Danny, looks like I missed your AMA. Hope it went great! I had a question on 9/23/15. Can you comment somewhere on your website about any significance you see with this date? Lot of people are talking about the ominous predictions and doomsday scenarios about 9/23. Would appreciate your take on this date :-)

    1. Yes, the AMA went well, lot’s of questions.
      As to your Q. I don’t see anything special about 9/23/15 and haven’t even heard about it. If you could send me an example article with the so-called “predictions” for that day I could have a look, but most likely it’s just the common fear mongering and other nonsense.


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