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Outlook for Week of April 18

Posted by Danny on April 17, 2016

Outlook for world markets with our comments for next week.

If you have any trouble to see the presentation below, then click here.

Click the “Expand” button (bottom right) to watch in full screen mode.

* The latest weekly reversal levels for over 2500 stocks and ETF can be found every weekend at

* For shorter term trading and more optimal entries there are daily reversal levels, which are available as a monthly subscription. It comes as a daily html file covering over 2500 stocks from Dow Composite, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, S&P 400 mid caps, S&P 600 small caps, and more than 100 popular ETF. Instructions for use are included. Give it a try.

4 Responses to “Outlook for Week of April 18”

  1. mike egan said

    You are living in a fantasy world. I have been investing since 1981.

    With no agreement at DAOH-The oil and stock markets are headed SOUTH!

    • Danny said

      Hi Mike,

      I am sure you will be right eventually.
      Our model constantly adjusts to the real world. As soon as oil and stocks go down and fall below their reversal levels, they will give a sell signal and revert to bearish mode in the tables.
      Right now they are still above their reversal levels.

  2. ball said

    Mike, You cannot be so certain, in an environment that is based on chance. That is the thinking that got most traders short into the weekend, expecting Doha to be a failure and everything would crash down, but when it did not, all the shorts got forced to buy to cover, which pushed prices up. Maybe Tuesday it will come down, but it is a game of chance, and you cannot be certain, overconfidence is a recipe for losing money.

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