Investing with the Moon

Hesitating to go higher

Posted by Dan on January 18, 2017

The S&P 500 keeps going sideways while the Nasdaq is setting a string of new all time highs. The market is probably trying to make up its mind here, burst higher or start a correction? The first lunar red period of the year ended with a 191 point gain for the Nasdaq, see Performance. The cycle inversion we have been seeing last year just seems to continue. I will do a special post soon on why and when normal lunar cycles may return. Stay tuned.
Let’s have a look at the current Nasdaq chart:


The Nasdaq has taken another swing higher, but warning signs remain. The Earl (blue line) is turning down with a bearish divergence in place. The slower Earl2 (orange line) has not done anything and still shows a top in place. The MoM indicator is also turning back down after another visit to the +8 zone. Not the kind of setup I want to buy, so I would just stay patient here.
We are starting a new lunar green period, but if the cycle inversion carries on then that is not a plus. The LT wave for January suggests a peak near the 17th followed by increasing weakness for the remainder of the month. We will soon find out if that projection holds up.

There is no reason for instant panic, but the setup doesn’t look great and I am getting a lot of partial profits and sell signals in my reversal levels method. So, I would be careful until the sky clears and take some profits in positions that have grown too large. Most indexes keep bumping into overhead resistance and without a strong catalyst they will probably not succeed to climb much further in the short term.

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