So bitcoin hits my long term target

Normally I write about bitcoin once a year, but since my last post in May the cryptos have become a very fast market and now my long term price target of $4246 is being reached. So, I will give a quick update and some new price targets.
But first I want to take a look at stock markets where some interesting things are happening too. Here is the current Nasdaq chart:

^COMP (Daily) 10_27_2015 - 8_11_2017

Nasdaq has reached 6400 and S&P 500 has stagnated just below 2500, which was the base scenario I mentioned a month ago. Markets had a quick dip last week. Nothing unusual, the S&P was down 1.4% for the week, but people have become so accustomed to low volatility that this was enough to get some traders panicked already. What are those traders going to do if the markets are down more than 2 or 3% in a week (or day)? We will find out some day.
Long term trend lines in Nasdaq and S&P and are being tested but not broken yet. As long as that is the case we better assume that the bull run is ongoing. We are more likely than not to get a rebound rally here. We are starting a new lunar green period and the Earl indicator is in bottom territory (but not turning up yet). Whether that rebound will be weak or strong I don’t know. A sustained drop below 6200 would not look good and then the chances for a rebound rally would dwindle quickly.
Keep an eye on August 23rd, when our LT wave will peak for August. If that paints any kind of high (rebound high, double top or even all time high) then we could very well see a new downturn in the ensuing days.

So, what about those bitcoins? In February 2014 I posted price targets based on my reversal levels calculations. Bitcoin was trading above $600 back then, but my bottom target of $180 was nicely reached by early 2015 and then bitcoin started climbing again. I reiterated my long term buy signal in October 2015, when you could still buy bitcoin at $280. Of course we had to wait longer to get to my top targets of $2457 and $4246, but here we are with bitcoin knocking on $4200 over the weekend. So, does this mean the move is now over?
I really don’t know here, because the $4000 level is a very critical juncture in the long term chart:


Some people are warning about parabolic moves and bubbles already, but that’s because they are looking at a linear scaled chart. Moves of this magnitude can only be judged on a semi-log scale chart. What we see here is a sustained (but very high) rate of change, with the move confined to a rather narrow channel since 2015. The same rate of change it also held throughout 2012 before going parabolic in 2013. A sustained breakout above $4000 that quickly heads for $5000+ would start a parabolic move like in 2013. And then it can go above $10k. A failure to do so would probably give us a peak near my $4246 target and be followed by a significant decline when traders notice that the steep rally has ended.
Both scenarios have 50/50 chance at the moment, so if you hold bitcoin from a much lower cost base then I would sell some and hold the rest at zero cost base. A tulip mania type move is possible here and then bitcoin could reach $10k or $20k before a big panic.

Meanwhile my method shows two new price targets: $6430 could become relevant as a next top target or as a resistance zone on the way to even higher levels. And there is a bottom target at $1470. This would come into play if we get a big drop. Bear in mind, not all my targets and forecasts will work out. I am probably due for some bad calls on bitcoin.

By Dan

Author of LunaticTrader and Reversal Levels method. Stock market forecasts based on proprietary indicators, seasonal patterns and moon cycles.

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