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Outlook for week of March 12

Posted by Danny on March 11, 2018

Outlook for world markets with my brief comments for next week.

Click the “Expand” button (bottom right) to watch in full screen mode.

If you have any trouble to see the presentation below, then click here.

For shorter term trading and more optimal entries there are daily reversal levels, which are available by monthly subscription. It comes as a daily html file covering over 3000 stocks and ETF. You can pick up recent free samples on this page. Instructions for use are included. Give it a try.

3 Responses to “Outlook for week of March 12”



    I was unable to send you a question yesterday because I kept getting an error message – something about authorization required. Please respond and let’s see what is happening today.


    Joe Lentini


    • Danny said

      Hi Joe,

      As far as I can tell my email is working normally. Sending and receiving mails.
      Just try again. Maybe the server was down or your ISP was doing maintenance…




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