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LT wave for June

Posted by Dan on June 1, 2018

US stock markets are trading in a large sideways pattern since February. But lunar cycles keep doing well in this environment.

The LT wave did a good job in May. Lows of the month came in the first week as expected and a stronger period followed. Projected weakness in the final days of May came right on target. It doesn’t get much better.
Here is the LT wave for June:


June is projected to start with weakness until the 11th with lowest LT wave value coming on 11th. Then we should see a stronger period until the 22nd. The highest LT wave value comes on the 14th. The final week of June is considerably weaker again.

In this type chart we pay most attention to the general direction bias, not so much the absolute levels. For example on June 14th the LT wave peaks above the LT wave highs of May, but that doesn’t mean the market will be higher. If stocks decline considerably in the weak period until the 11th then I would expect only a rebound that stops short of the May highs. If on the other hand the market holds up very well until June 11th then there is a very good chance stocks will break out above the May highs in the subsequent strong period.

Then there are always months when the expected pattern doesn’t show up at all. So, use the LT wave with a healthy skepticism. Last month’s result doesn’t guarantee anything for the next month.

7 Responses to “LT wave for June”

  1. Kieren said

    Danny as I understand lunar cycle effects on the stock market the favourable time is full moon to new moon. We have just had a full moon yet you are saying the lunar cycle points to lows to the 11 June.
    Please comment

    • Danny said

      Hi Kieren,

      See our explanatory articles:


      • Kieren Turner said

        Hi Danny
        Thanks for the reply. I am a new subscriber still not 100% clear. I get it that the moon cycle is not exact so are you saying that the LT wave overrides the moon cycle probability of a green and red period or have I missed something?

        The website states
        (a) “June is projected to start with weakness until the 11th with lowest LT wave value coming on 11th (this is a green period full moon 29 May to new moon 14 June). Then we should see a stronger period until the 22nd (this is a red period new moon from 14 June). The highest LT wave value comes on the 14th. The final week of June is considerably weaker again”.

        (b) Green periods start about 3 days after Full Moon, and red periods begin about 3 days after New Moon.

        The full moon was 29 May so 3 days after is 1 June. New moon is 14 June.

      • Danny said

        Hi Kieren,

        Bear in mind that lunar cycles have nothing to do with our reversal levels, to which you subscribed. They are completely different.
        So, you don’t need to break your head over lunar cycles for thee purpose of using RL method.

        The green and red periods are the original method we started posting in 2009. The exact start dates for green and red periods until the year 2100 are given in our software program. It is usually 3 to 4 days after new and full moons.

        The LT wave is a more refined method, which uses lunar cycle among other things. It is experimental and will not always agree with the lunar red and green periods. LT wave has been posted for several years here on the blog. Some months it works better than the standard red and green periods, and sometimes the LT wave has been more correct.


      • Kieren Turner said

        Hi Danny
        Many thanks that all makes perfect sense and I appreciate your quick responses to questions

  2. Danish said

    Is there any daily/weekly update you are posting related to crypto? If yes plz share link.

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