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LT wave for December

Posted by Danny on December 3, 2018

The LT wave was close to perfect for November. S&P 500 peaked on the 8th and bottomed on the 23rd, very close to the high and low indicated in the LT wave chart.
For December the wave projects a very similar pattern:


Strength in the first week (with a peak value on the 6th) is again followed by mid-month weakness that ends at an important low on the 21st. The final week of the year shows stronger again, but that will probably come in thin holiday trading so I wouldn’t bet the bank on it.
Don’t get carried away by LT wave doing very well for a month or two. There will always be months when it is doing a lukewarm job, if not worse.
Good luck.

15 Responses to “LT wave for December”

  1. Eric said

    I would like to know on what blue line is about on LT Wave.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you very much for any suggestions (^v^)

  2. Daniel Postan said

    Hi Danny, is this a different software from the regular LT? Do you have it available for sale? Any links? Thanks.

  3. […] LT wave had a good month. Expected strength in the first week did not pan out and hardly kept the market up, leading into […]

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