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LT wave for July 2019

Posted by Danny on July 1, 2019

June was not an easy month for trading our LT wave:
Expected strength in the first week pushed the S&P back above 2900. The weaker second half of the month did not produce much downside action, the market kept climbing, but at a slower rate.
This suggests the path of least resistance is up.

Here is the LT wave for July:


Again we have projected early month strength. The highest LT wave value comes on the 4th, but there is likely to be carry on momentum until around the 10th. The second half of the month looks weak again, but with more negative extremes than last month. The lowest LT wave values come in the 27-29th period.

Good luck.

3 Responses to “LT wave for July 2019”

  1. geminisi said

    Hi Danny,
    What is the performance of the LT Wave for trading in terms of CAGR and MAx DD since you introduced it to this site?
    I think I read you said backtesting for it when you first introduced was very good. Interested in performance since then.

  2. […] LT wave did a mediocre job in July. Projected strength until around the 10th panned out OK, with the S&P climbing to a new record […]

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