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LT wave for Apr 2020

Posted by Danny on April 1, 2020

March was one of the most dramatic months ever for stocks. How did our LT wave hold up?

Weakness in the first week of the month came as expected, and how? The somewhat stronger 2nd week did not stop the ongoing decline, but it produced one of the biggest dead-cat-bounce days ever, with a nearly 10% climb on March 13. The crash continued until the 23rd, which was the final day of the second weak period. A 400 point rebound rally followed in the remaining strong days of the month, and the market has been going sideways since. Here we can see that price action as well as the project pattern for April:


We see some mild weakness in the first days of April, quickly followed by a strong period until the 14th. Weakness until the 22nd and the final week of the month looks stronger again.
A significant peak value is seen around April 8 (+/- 1 day). This could produce a strong up day or a first important peak after the Mar 23 low. But I can’t guarantee anything. As regular readers know, this LT wave is experimental, so don’t bet the farm on it.

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