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LT wave for October 2020

Posted by Danny on October 5, 2020

The LT wave had a good month in September.

Expected weakness in the first half of the month was right on target. I warned to be careful because not all weak periods produce gentle sideways. Indeed, the market dropped a few hundred points very quickly. The 3rd week was projected to be stronger, but all we got was a few dead cat bounce days. The low of the month was reached on the 24th, exactly on a bottom day in the blue line. Here is the wave for October:


The pattern is very similar to September. Weakness until around the 10th, followed by a stronger week. There is a high peak value on the 16th. And the final week of the month looks weaker again.

Good luck.

6 Responses to “LT wave for October 2020”

  1. Rajat said

    Can you please explain how to read the yellow and blue lines? Thanks!

  2. nietgek said

    I am VERY curious what method you use to make these LT wave charts. Do you use all moves from the past and combine these ? Like all october 6 data from the SP500 from the past 20 years or so and compare that to all october 5 data to make the blue line go up or down on the 6th compared to the 5th ? Or does is also have moon cycles in its formula. ? Can you say a little something about this ? It really seems to work more often than not…

  3. […] LT wave had another good month in October. The expected weakness early in the month was very mild and the market climbed to its highs during […]

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