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LT wave for February 2021

Posted by Danny on February 1, 2021

The wave had a rather poor month in January. While we did get a see saw type of market, the pattern didn’t match the projected wave very well. No perfection in this world ;-)

Here is the LT wave for February:


There is projected strength in the first half of the month, with the possible exception of a few weaker days on or around the 8th. After the 15th there is significant weakening with some really low values on the 19th and 20th. The final week looks stronger, so if there is some kind of bottom around the 20th then a rebound is in the cards there.

Good luck.

5 Responses to “LT wave for February 2021”

  1. Debbie Copeland said

    I was reading your tweet about metals needed for car batteries. You mentioned that you also had a position.

    Do you mind sharing what this position(s) is in, pls.


    Debbie Copeland


    • Danny said

      Hi Debbie,

      As a general rule I don’t recommend any specific tickers, especially not in small cap stocks. I don’t want to be seen as pumping the prices of shares I own.
      What I can say is that of the metals mentioned in that tweet I am most positive on graphene, because I think most investors in that space are too focused on lithium and cobalt (and those stocks are already up a lot). I also keep some positions in rare earth miners.
      And I stay positive on uranium because if people are going to charge their new electric cars then unreliable windmills will not do.

      So, that are the ones I would focus on at the moment. But all that is of course subject to change.

      I am working on an article about stock selection and position sizing for the reversal levels subscribers, so I hope to give out some useful info on that topic there.
      Hope this helps.


  2. cunninggod said

    Very useful!

  3. cunninggod said

    Very useful

  4. […] wave had an excellent month in February. Expected strength in the first half of the month was right on target and lifted the S&P 500 to […]

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