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LT wave for June 2021

Posted by Danny on June 1, 2021

The month of May wasn’t easy to navigate, and the LT wave did ok, not perfect of course. Expected early month weakness until the 13th gave us a drop to 4060. The subsequent stronger period until the 22nd saw the market recover most of those losses. But projected weakness in the final week did not pan out. The market just stayed flat near the 4200 level.

For June the LT wave continues like this:


Weakness is supposed to continue until the 6th or 7th. Then a stronger week is projected until the 17nd.

The final 10 days of the month are again weaker, but coming back to neutral on the final days.

The usual caveats apply. Good luck.

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  1. […] was a weird month for the LT wave price projection. Expected weakness in the 1st week came on target, but was mild. […]

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