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LT for October 2022

Posted by Danny on October 3, 2022

The LT wave had another poor month in September.

The expected weakness in the first week was just a sideways. The next 3 weeks were expected to be strong, but that only held up until the 12th, when a relentless decline started. When projected strength fails to show up so spectacularly it points to a strong underlying downtrend. For how long? Next month may tell us.

Here is the LT wave for October:


Weakness is projected to intensify and could continue until around the 20th, when a stronger week is in the cards.

Normal caveats apply: the LT wave is experimental and doesn’t use any market or price inputs. Don’t bet the farm on it.

3 Responses to “LT for October 2022”

  1. Daniel Postan said

    Hi Danny. Yes, indeed agree with your LT perspective. My forecast is in line with your comment. Things will get better the last 2 weeks of October. The closer to Oct 25th the better in most stocks. It’s been a challenge to forecast since NOV 2021. Also cryptos have been an animal on it’s own ruled by Bitcoin. Have all my stuff in the red. Best strategy is to buy stocks with dividends and hold long term. Cryptos are best to do short term and do scalping. Take care and keep up the good work.

  2. SR said

    Hi Danny, enjoy your LT posts. Any plans to unveil the Nov LT?

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