Lunatic Trader software

Several readers have written us with questions about the upcoming LunaticTrader software. So here is a brief preview. The program is 95% ready, but we are still working on the ebook that will come with it. The ebook will explain various ways and strategies to use the Lunar Cycles for investment timing. The software itself… Continue reading Lunatic Trader software

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The market didn’t move much last week. The recommended trade was stopped out for a small loss. So far the period heading into New Moon, normally good for stocks, has resulted into little or no upside move. This could signal weakness ahead. Next Wednesday we will have New Moon and an extreme Declination. That will… Continue reading December09-week3

December09 – week2

Stocks did hit a multi-day low on Friday. If you took the trade then keep a tight stop-loss just below Friday’s low, near 1096 on the S&P500. Look for an upward bias this week, but Thursday or Friday could produce a sudden setback. Lunar events this week: Friday 11th: Lunar Latitude cycle bottoms Good Luck, … Continue reading December09 – week2

December 09 – Week 1

A few key dates we can watch this week: December 2 brings us Full Moon combined with peak Declination. Late Friday, December 4, we will get Moon at Perigee. These days make for potential turning points. Possible trade:  buy stocks near Friday’s close if it makes a multi-day low on the chart. Place a stop-loss… Continue reading December 09 – Week 1


Welcome to Lunatic Trader. We will use this space to give regular comments and updates based on the methods explained on the LunaticTrader site. “Trading by the Moon” can be very rewarding if done rightly.   Stay tuned.   Danny VdB