Ask me Anything

Just a quick post. I have been invited to give an “Ask me Anything” (AMA) session on Scutify today. So, you are all welcome to join with your questions about lunar cycles, the reversal levels, reading tea leaves, the future of the past, or anything else you always wanted to ask. You can join at… Continue reading Ask me Anything

Outlook June 14

Another roller coaster week with the Nasdaq ending on a positive note. We have a few more days to go in this Green period, so look for a bit more upside. But the next Red period is looming, so I would use any up days this week to lighten up on positions. We only got… Continue reading Outlook June 14


Welcome to Lunatic Trader. We will use this space to give regular comments and updates based on the methods explained on the LunaticTrader site. “Trading by the Moon” can be very rewarding if done rightly.   Stay tuned.   Danny VdB