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Ask me Anything

Posted by Danny on August 26, 2015

Just a quick post. I have been invited to give an “Ask me Anything” (AMA) session on Scutify today. So, you are all welcome to join with your questions about lunar cycles, the reversal levels, reading tea leaves, the future of the past, or anything else you always wanted to ask.

You can join at this link: Ask me Anything and if you are not registered on the site you can also log in with your Twitter or Facebook account. The session will start at the US market close today, 4pm EDT, but you can already enter your questions in advance and pick up the answer later if you are unable to join in at that time.

Looking forward to see you.


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New page about Earl indicators

Posted by Danny on July 12, 2013

I am getting frequent questions about the Earl and Earl2 indicators you can find in most charts on this blog.
So, I have now put up a new permanent page on the blog, explaining them in more detail.

You can always find it through the links on the left side , see “Pages”.
Or just click here:

As always, your questions or critical remarks are welcome.


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Outlook June 14

Posted by Danny on June 14, 2010

Another roller coaster week with the Nasdaq ending on a positive note.
We have a few more days to go in this Green period, so look for a bit more upside.
But the next Red period is looming, so I would use any up days this week to lighten up on positions. We only got a flat market in the current Green period, which suggests further weakness ahead.


Meanwhile we have started a little experiment with test portfolios on
We will try to do better than the S&P500 benchmark in the longer term.
Portfolio 1 uses only stocks taken from the S&P 500 Index.
Portfolio 2 is chosen from the Nasdaq Composite.

Each selection starts with 10 stocks that are randomly chosen.
Towards the end of each Green period we will remove the stock that has the worst 1 month performance, and go to 10% cash (invested in SHY).
At the end of each Red Period will add a new randomly picked stock to get us back to 10 stocks in the portfolio.
In this way we try to get rid of lagging stocks and hold on to the winners.
Using the lunar cycles we try to do our buying and selling at more opportune moments.
We will see how this works out.
You can follow our test portfolios here:

Good Luck,   Danny

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Software available

Posted by Danny on April 5, 2010

It has taken somewhat longer than estimated (mainly because of personal events), but the Lunatic Trader software is finally available for download.

The good thing is that it has given us time to add more materials, and in the past months you have been able to see on this blog how we work with the lunar cycles in real time.
If you now take the program along with our weekly posts, you can easily see how we made the weekly calls.

The program displays all lunar cycles from the year 1900 till 2100 (in registered version), so you are free to study how it would have done in the past.
People who register the program also get a special ebook manual with my personal strategies for using these cycles as well as a collection of great historic examples.
After studying it you will have a new perspective on market movements.

Just go here:

Cheers,   Danny

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Posted by Danny on December 1, 2009

Welcome to Lunatic Trader.

We will use this space to give regular comments and updates based on the methods explained on the LunaticTrader site.

“Trading by the Moon” can be very rewarding if done rightly.


Stay tuned.


Danny VdB

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