Lunar cycles in stock and commodity markets have been observed since the days of traders like W.D. Gann, and were probably used by many others secretly. Is there an accepted scientific explanation for it? Not really, but I have posted some thoughts and hypotheses in the blog over the years, e.g. here.

For investors who want to work or experiment with lunar cycles in their own trading we have developed a convenient software program:


LunaticTrader 1.0 calculates all moon phases and lunar cycles which are relevant in the stock market and displays them in monthly and daily charts. It helps you to anticipate the market action in the day(s) and weeks ahead, and it takes no more than a few minutes of your time. Includes tutorials for use of the program.

Download here via Dropbox (zip file): lunatictrader1

The free trial shows you the lunar cycles since 1900. Registration will unlock all the cycles charts until the year 2100.

Registered users receive:

  • lifetime license for the software (password sent by email).
  • bonus ebook with tips and strategies for using the Lunar cycles.
  • free upgrades and customer support.

The software is designed to work on Windows PC (Win 98, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win 11).

Lifetime License (US$ 134):


Download here via Dropbox (zip file): lunatictrader1


  1. Hi Danny,
    It’s been a year since I purchased lunatic Trader. I am extremely satisfied with Version 1.0 and was able to do many charts testing the moon and stocks. Wished you could implemented more new tools for the next level.
    One ideal option for me as a user is if it could be possible to delete with a click all Sat and Sun (weekends) producing trading days only. This way I could overlap
    via Photoshop trading lines from stocks maintaining a sync with the time line. LT needs real time but mixed with trading dates produced inaccurate results with my charting style.
    Another add on you may like to consider is to stretch 100 years more before 1900. Sometimes I hit research that ask questions in 1887 with the moon without answers.
    As a user I wished LT also be expanded to a full page size on my computer screen. Today’s monitors are fantastic and LT seems to be limited to old monitors.
    Wishing you the best for 2019, have more ideas for LT, if you like to produce next version will be happy to be your Beta tester. Thanks! Daniel.

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for your suggestions.
      I am currently too busy on another project. So, I can’t promise when I will work on version 2.0


  2. Referring to following image, I find Virus on Lunatic Trader software.
    Could anyone please forward this email to an related person?
    Thanks you

  3. Hi Danny, Been working with the sorftware and doing some charts. Have several questions if you don’t mind:
    1- Is there a way to put several months together on the same screen? (Like an entire year in order to see the waves for 12 months)
    2- Is there a way to overlap stock charts over Lunatic charts in sync with dates?
    3- Are you planing to create new versions with more tools or improvements? Currently I think is V 1.0. ?
    4- Is there extra information were I can understand the Planetary extremes? I am very confused with that part. Distance Extremes and Declination Extremes. or if you can answer the differences (I guess is close or far, and what is far? and what is close? Distance or Declination???)
    Thank you!
    Daniel from Houston, Texas.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your questions.
      1) There is no way to do that. Remember you can click on the right (or left) side in the chart image to move to the next (or previous) month. This gives you a very easy way to watch several subsequent months.
      2) There is no way to do that. This is on to-do list for a future version.
      3) Yes, I intend to make a next version when time permits. It will include our LT wave.
      4) See: for more info on distance, declination and latitude cycles.


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