Investing with the Moon

Lunatic Trader software


For investors who want to work or experiment with the lunar cycles in their own trading we have developed a convenient software program.

LunaticTrader 1.0 calculates all moon phases and lunar cycles which are relevant in the stock market and displays them in convenient charts. It helps you to anticipate the market action in the day(s) and weeks ahead, and it takes no more than a few minutes of your time. Includes tutorials for use of the program.

Download here: lunatictrader1 installer file

The free trial shows you the lunar cycles since 1900. Registration will unlock all the cycles charts until the year 2100.

Registered users receive:

  • lifetime license for the software (password sent by email).
  • bonus ebook with tips and strategies for using the Lunar cycles.
  • free upgrades and customer support.

The software is designed to work on Windows PC (Win 98, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10).

Lifetime License (US$ 134):


10 Responses to “Lunatic Trader software”

  1. Thanks, for sharing information with us. I am looking for stock charting software. How much it cost me after trial.

    • Danny said


      Our software is not a charting program.
      If you are looking for stock charting software, just download the free version of NinjaTrader:
      It comes with free end of day data and offers all the charting you can ask for. Most of the chart on this blog are made with NinjaTrader.


  2. dee sen said

    do you have any analysis on X (US steel).

  3. Petr Vales profit in newsletters said

    Danny Black period is sama like red and yellow is like green ? Any differents ?

    • Danny said

      Black is a sub-portion of the green period. Yellow period is a sub-portion of the red period. New users shouldn’t concentrate too much them. The ebook that comes the program gives more information about the black and yellow periods.


  4. Vejay Pratap Singh Kahlon said

    Dear Danny ,

    I want to know what is the Price of your Software .
    Suggest you have the Phase of Moon also for the Intra Day Chart .
    Have there been any updations in your software .
    What is the Price of the Software .
    Before i buy i ant to back test your software with Indian Stock Exchange .
    If you can send the E-Book and if i can back test it will help me to take a decision on the purchase .
    My E Mail id is .

    Thanking you in antcipation ,

    Vejay Pratap Singh Kahlon

  5. Mark Gentely said

    Danny, is this a standalone trading strategy (including ebook)?

    • Danny said

      Hi Mark,

      Checking out the free trial, which has brief Help files and a few tutorials, will already show you the basic strategy for using lunar cycles.
      The ebook that goes to registered users offers more details, examples and various ways that lunar cycles can be combined with your existing method of trading or investing.


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