Investing with the Moon

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Lunatic Trader software


For investors who want to work or experiment with the lunar cycles in their own trading we have developed a convenient software program.

LunaticTrader 1.0 calculates all moon phases and lunar cycles which are relevant in the stock market and displays them in convenient charts. It helps you to anticipate the market action in the day(s) and weeks ahead, and it takes no more than a few minutes of your time. Includes tutorials for use of the program.

Download here: lunatictrader1 installer file

The free trial shows you the lunar cycles since 1900. Registration will unlock all the cycles charts until the year 2100.

Registered users receive:

  • lifetime license for the software (password sent by email).
  • bonus ebook with tips and strategies for using the Lunar cycles.
  • free upgrades and customer support.

The software is designed to work on Windows PC (Win 98, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10).

Lifetime License (US$ 134):


40 Responses to “Lunatic Trader software”

  1. Thanks, for sharing information with us. I am looking for stock charting software. How much it cost me after trial.

    • Danny said


      Our software is not a charting program.
      If you are looking for stock charting software, just download the free version of NinjaTrader:
      It comes with free end of day data and offers all the charting you can ask for. Most of the chart on this blog are made with NinjaTrader.


  2. dee sen said

    do you have any analysis on X (US steel).

  3. Petr Vales profit in newsletters said

    Danny Black period is sama like red and yellow is like green ? Any differents ?

    • Danny said

      Black is a sub-portion of the green period. Yellow period is a sub-portion of the red period. New users shouldn’t concentrate too much them. The ebook that comes the program gives more information about the black and yellow periods.


  4. Vejay Pratap Singh Kahlon said

    Dear Danny ,

    I want to know what is the Price of your Software .
    Suggest you have the Phase of Moon also for the Intra Day Chart .
    Have there been any updations in your software .
    What is the Price of the Software .
    Before i buy i ant to back test your software with Indian Stock Exchange .
    If you can send the E-Book and if i can back test it will help me to take a decision on the purchase .
    My E Mail id is .

    Thanking you in antcipation ,

    Vejay Pratap Singh Kahlon

  5. Mark Gentely said

    Danny, is this a standalone trading strategy (including ebook)?

    • Danny said

      Hi Mark,

      Checking out the free trial, which has brief Help files and a few tutorials, will already show you the basic strategy for using lunar cycles.
      The ebook that goes to registered users offers more details, examples and various ways that lunar cycles can be combined with your existing method of trading or investing.


  6. Daniel said

    Hi Danny,
    Just purchased The Lunatic Trader and still can not find a good explanation on 2 lines, the DECLINATION and the LATITUDE of the moon. I already read is not important but I like to know what are they for. Every piece of information is crucial for muy research. Did test the software trial version now i am waiting for my codes to open it. Was not able to print the manual yet… Thanks in advance!

    • Danny said

      Hi Daniel,

      The lunar red and green periods are most important for stock markets. So, I would focus on that first. Once you are used to it you can start making observations for the declination and latitude cycles too. They will work for some stocks/indexes/commodities and you will need to spot when those cycles are “ON”.
      The bonus ebook and the program instructions are in electronic format.
      Your password was sent out today.
      Just mail me if you have further questions.


      • Daniel said

        Hi Danny, Thank you for your prompt reply! Got the code to unlock Lunatic Trader all OK… but still not able to know what is the declination and latitude of the moon. I do understand the moon phases and perigee and apogee (distance from Earth and Moon) BUT I need to understand those other two cycles. Is it the orbit angle of the moon? moon rotation itself? Please enlighten me. I need to understand those oscilations. Thank you! (Very happy with the program!)
        Daniel from Houston, Texas.

      • Danny said

        Hi Daniel,
        Declination and celestial latitude are known standard values in astronomical coordinate system. See: and

      • Daniel said

        Perfect! Now I can understand what those curves represent. It could be certain crossing points at a given time. Tank you Danny.

  7. Daniel said

    Hi Danny, Been working with the sorftware and doing some charts. Have several questions if you don’t mind:
    1- Is there a way to put several months together on the same screen? (Like an entire year in order to see the waves for 12 months)
    2- Is there a way to overlap stock charts over Lunatic charts in sync with dates?
    3- Are you planing to create new versions with more tools or improvements? Currently I think is V 1.0. ?
    4- Is there extra information were I can understand the Planetary extremes? I am very confused with that part. Distance Extremes and Declination Extremes. or if you can answer the differences (I guess is close or far, and what is far? and what is close? Distance or Declination???)
    Thank you!
    Daniel from Houston, Texas.

    • Danny said

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your questions.
      1) There is no way to do that. Remember you can click on the right (or left) side in the chart image to move to the next (or previous) month. This gives you a very easy way to watch several subsequent months.
      2) There is no way to do that. This is on to-do list for a future version.
      3) Yes, I intend to make a next version when time permits. It will include our LT wave.
      4) See: for more info on distance, declination and latitude cycles.


  8. Eric said

    Referring to following image, I find Virus on Lunatic Trader software.
    Could anyone please forward this email to an related person?
    Thanks you

  9. Daniel Postan said

    Hi Danny,
    It’s been a year since I purchased lunatic Trader. I am extremely satisfied with Version 1.0 and was able to do many charts testing the moon and stocks. Wished you could implemented more new tools for the next level.
    One ideal option for me as a user is if it could be possible to delete with a click all Sat and Sun (weekends) producing trading days only. This way I could overlap
    via Photoshop trading lines from stocks maintaining a sync with the time line. LT needs real time but mixed with trading dates produced inaccurate results with my charting style.
    Another add on you may like to consider is to stretch 100 years more before 1900. Sometimes I hit research that ask questions in 1887 with the moon without answers.
    As a user I wished LT also be expanded to a full page size on my computer screen. Today’s monitors are fantastic and LT seems to be limited to old monitors.
    Wishing you the best for 2019, have more ideas for LT, if you like to produce next version will be happy to be your Beta tester. Thanks! Daniel.

  10. Eric said

    I download it from your site and check with TotalVirus, and virus are found based on scanning.
    You can try to test it, and would get the same results.

    • Danny said

      Just did so and it comes out negative. No virus in the file. I guess your computer is infected, but it has nothing to do with LunaticTrader software. See

      • CookieMonster said

        “Just did it?”

        Danny, the scan you are showing as clean is lunatic trader.exe and the scan date is 2 years old.

        The version you are offering to download is lunatictrader1.exe and I just tried it. Yes, it shows 4 viri.

      • CookieMonster said

        …how did that get cut off…

        But it might be good to try with different scanners. Some have high false positives and others have low finds. If only 1 out of 2 or 3 find the same viri, it is probably a false positive.

        * Kaspersky thinks the file is clean.
        * Microsoft is working on it…

        Or, is there any way you can confirm the SHA on the drop box file is the same as your original? Maybe someone altered the version on the server?

      • Danny said

        High reputation virus scanners like Kaspersky, Symantec, Defender, AVG,.. all find the file clean. Am I going to bother to correct false positives at services like “Jiangmin”? No.

  11. Eric said

    Please see following image, I would like to know on whether software can generate blue line or not.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you very much for any suggestions (^v^)

  12. vorfahrt said

    Hi Danny, how do you measure the “good moon phase” performace vs. “bad moon phase” performance? Do you enter the close before the green period begins and exit the close of the last “green phase” day? Or different? – Thanks.

    • Danny said

      Hi. For the purpose of the tracking page, kept at , we use daily closing prices. Sometimes the change from green to red (or red to green) period falls during market trading hours. Then we use 12 noon NY time as the cut-off. So if a green period ends on a given day at 1 pm then that day’s close will be used as end price for the given green period. If the green period ends at 11 am then the close of the previous day is used and today is considered the first day of the new red period.

      • vorfahrt said


      • Daniel Postan said

        Hi Vorfahrt, I have been working with Lunatic Trader for a while. It’s been a constant experiment and sometimes I am in sync with my stocks other times no so much. I am all alone with my tests and studies. if you like we could join efforts and ideas if you are interested on LT. Send me an email and we can chat. Thanks!

      • Danny said

        Realistic expectations are very important. Some people watch the lunar cycles here, and after a few good months they try it. Then they write me to ask why it is not working the next month. One should not expect more than 60% accuracy, because that’s the long term historic average for the lunar cycle. It is always better to start using it after a mediocre or bad period. See:

      • Daniel Postan said

        Hi Danny, I am very satisfied with LT. Will always push you for next version to add new features. LT has proven itself for over 2 years now with my strategies. My latest test in all March 2019 produced 70% accuracy under strict conditions and beyond that over more +% if I lax the rules. I learned how to expand and use the software to forecast stocks. Current test is putting a 90 day forecast to the test. Not all stocks are ideal for LT and trying to unlock those particular conditions. All I can say is Thank you Danny!

      • Danny said

        Thanks for the thumbs up, Daniel. Adding new features is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes less is more. I am always testing and working on different ideas, but I wouldn’t add them in the program without years of forward testing. I will add the LT wave to the program when time permits, because the wave has done well in tests.

      • Daniel Postan said

        Thank you Danny! I do understand. Hope you keep me 1st on buyers list for LT v.2.0

  13. otovarm said


    Hello, I am wondering if you sell/lease your ECL/BMO indicators, as well as the Iceberg charts?
    If so, on which charting platforms do they work?

    Thanks a lot

    • Danny said

      Hi. ELC/BMO and Icebergs charts are still being developed/tested and not shared with subscribers in any way. There are also no plans to do so at the moment.
      The MoM indicator and reversal levels are available per subscription, with a selection of stocks and indexes being shared for free in a demo portfolio. You can check it out here:

  14. Jeff Hemby said

    I just downloaded the trial version of your software, and both tutorials are no longer supported; do you have any other visual I can look at to understand your program?

    • Danny said

      Hi Jeff,

      The brief Help file already gives most of the intro.
      The tutorials are in Flash format, which is no longer supported by most browsers since January 1st.
      You could use “Puffin browser” (, which still displays Flash apps.

      When time permits I will update the software and replace the Flash based tutorial.

      Thanks for pointing it out.


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