Investing with the Moon


Since 1950, investing in S&P 500 stocks during “lunar green periods” has consistently outperformed the “lunar red periods” (note: the Green Periods start about 3 days after Full Moon):

long term

Below we track the performance of these lunar red and green periods since the start of this blog.
We base it on the most basic strategy: buying stocks at the end of red period and selling them at the end of green period. Daily Nasdaq closing prices are used.
Over the last seven years (summer 2009 – winter 2016) the Nasdaq has gained a total of 2679 points in our lunar green periods, versus a gain of 895 points in the lunar red periods (when more weakness is expected). So, it continues to work well.

For more advanced strategies and software to calculate the exact starts of lunar Green and Red periods, you are welcome to download our LunaticTrader ebook and software.

2017 Performance (year to date)

Period Nasdaq Close Green Period Red Period
1 Jan 5383
1 Jan – 15 Jan 5574 +191
15 Jan – 31 Jan 5615 +41
31 Jan – 14 Feb 5783 +168
14 Feb – 1 Mar 5904 +121
1 Mar – 15 Mar 5900 -4
15 Mar –
Total: +162 +355

Previous years:









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  4. Helen nelvis said

    Where can i find the dates for red and green period for the rest of the year? Thank you

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