Key reversal levels for week of May 12, 2014

Comments on the key levels for this week : * Little change in our weekly key levels for major stock indexes. For Nikkei we have MoM turning down, which indicates a continuation of bearish mode, now in its 8th week. * On the daily level the Nasdaq and Nikkei remain in bearish mode, while the… Continue reading Key reversal levels for week of May 12, 2014

Can we avoid Dow 32000?

Stocks reached new record highs last week, right at the end of our lunar green period. That marks the first solid green period in quite a while and suggests that normal lunar cycles are coming back. I think we will see a pullback in the current red period, but probably not as deep as many… Continue reading Can we avoid Dow 32000?

Keeping an eye on the Dow stocks

Weakness in stock markets is evident now. I already warned last week not to trust the current lunar green period, because some important targets have been reached and too many of my indicators are flashing warning signs. With a lunar red period coming up in early February there may be more downside action in store.… Continue reading Keeping an eye on the Dow stocks

1920s again

A quick update of the chart I first presented last June, and in an updated version last August. It is now updated for monthly Dow closes until December 2013 (click for larger image): The correlation with 1920s bull market remains very high, and has actually increased again since the August update. The correlation is now… Continue reading 1920s again

Testing the Jupiter cycle in stocks

A reader mailed me, criticizing my recent post Questioning Financial Astrology , in which I pointed out the problems with using longer term cycles. He is convinced that Jupiter cycle does work in the market and pointed to a post by Raymond Merriman, in which the Jupiter cycle gets mentioned. Quoting the relevant part: Historically,… Continue reading Testing the Jupiter cycle in stocks