Testing the Jupiter cycle in stocks

A reader mailed me, criticizing my recent post Questioning Financial Astrology , in which I pointed out the problems with using longer term cycles. He is convinced that Jupiter cycle does work in the market and pointed to a post by Raymond Merriman, in which the Jupiter cycle gets mentioned. Quoting the relevant part: Historically,… Continue reading Testing the Jupiter cycle in stocks

Questioning financial astrology – part 2

To understand this article, please read Part 1, where it was explained how longer term astronomical cycles are very hard to test because we have only about 200 years of stock market history. Not only that, there are so many astronomical or astrological cycles to chose from that it is almost inevitable that there will… Continue reading Questioning financial astrology – part 2

Questioning financial astrology – part 1

From time to time I get questions whether I use other planetary cycles besides the moon. Astrologers tell me to watch out for the next opposition of Jupiter to Saturn, or warn me that Uranus will be going retrograde next week. What about the Bradley indicator? Or the solar cycle? So let’s have a look… Continue reading Questioning financial astrology – part 1