LT wave for May 2023

The LT wave went out of sync for most of April. The expected strong start didn’t materialise and then stocks climbed in the projected weaker period. The second half of the month was rather weak, against expectation, but the final days brought prices back up. Here is the LT wave for May: The first two… Continue reading LT wave for May 2023

LT wave for April 2023

The LT wave performed a bit better in March. The expected strong period in the beginning of the month saw the market rally, but then rolled over a few days earlier than expected. The middle week, which was expected to be weak, brought panic mood around banking, but the market bottomed a bit earlier than… Continue reading LT wave for April 2023

LT wave for March 2023

The LT wave didn’t perform well in February. The expected stronger period until the 11th only gave us a sideways. And that sideways pause continued for most of the subsequent weaker period. The projected strength for the final 10 days of February didn’t even produce a single good up day. It doesn’t get much worse… Continue reading LT wave for March 2023