The Euro and the Nasdaq

Stock markets are stagnating just below their recent record highs. The Nasdaq gained 89 points in the recent lunar red period, which is the best performance in a red period since early February. Is this the start of another major rally? Or just a fake-out before a significant decline? It is hard to tell right… Continue reading The Euro and the Nasdaq

Staying alert

Markets had a rebound last week, but it lacked vigor. The lunar green period ended with a 54 point gain for Nasdaq. Not bad, but it only recovered a small portion of the 206 point loss in the preceding red period. Here is the current Nasdaq chart: The Earl index (blue line) has bottomed and… Continue reading Staying alert

Show Time

The S&P 500 has broken out to new record highs, nicely in line with what we shared last week. But the Nasdaq index has not made it to new highs yet. Here is the current chart: The Earl and MoM indicators are clearly going up, with no signs of topping out yet. But the slower… Continue reading Show Time