Waiting for continuation

Markets held stable after last week’s dip. Now it remains to be seen whether stocks will continue downwards or simply resume their existing up trend. The current lunar red period is ending and our LT wave for September suggests potential weakness until the 25th, so a downward continuation is to come sooner rather than later,… Continue reading Waiting for continuation

Market downturn

US stocks fell to their lowest levels since early July after touching new highs earlier in the week. This is nicely in line with our LT wave chart for August. If the expected pattern pans out then more weakness can be expected after a rally attempt in the next few days. Let’s have a look… Continue reading Market downturn


Stock markets have started sputtering right at the obvious resistance levels. To push through or to pull back, that’s the question at this point. Let’s have a quick look at the S&P 500 chart: A push towards 2150 or a retreat to just above 2000, at first glance both appear more or less equally possible… Continue reading Hesitation

How the stock market makes sense

Stocks kept climbing and on social networks a lot of investors are shaking their heads in disbelief, complaining that this market makes no sense. Just when they started feeling safe going short in a down market in a weak global economy the markets climb more than 10% in a few weeks… Huh, where is the… Continue reading How the stock market makes sense