MoM indicator

A few weeks ago I introduced the “MoM” indicator in the context of my weekly key reversal levels. In this post I will give more info on the MoM and how to use it. The main idea behind the key reversal levels is “market orientation”, where is the market right now, and where it appears… Continue reading MoM indicator

Nikkei panic

Got some questions on the Nikkei crash, so I will give my technical charts and my updated key levels, including those for Nikkei and for long term treasury bonds (TLT). The Nikkei crash started a few weeks ago, and now seems to be spilling over in other markets. The Japanese market is down over 20%… Continue reading Nikkei panic

What parabolic peak?

The recent advances in the stock market have led to an explosion in articles contending that we are in a new stock market bubble or mania. Some analysts are seeing a parabolic peak already. Almost everyone seems to agree that some market decline should come any day now. The number of references to “bubble” on… Continue reading What parabolic peak?

Is investors’ money where their mouth is?

It is well known that moods, fear and greed drive the markets. So a number of “sentiment” indicators have been developed over the years, in an attempt to measure the mood of the market. There are indices like the VIX, which try to measure fear or greed on the basis of option premiums. Other sentiment… Continue reading Is investors’ money where their mouth is?