Long term commodity price cycle

In a recent article posted by NASA, the possibility that we may be entering a Maunder minimum type period of global cooling was openly discussed. The current very weak solar cycle 24 is supporting that hypothesis. This prompted me to take a closer look how long term solar activity has influenced commodity prices in the… Continue reading Long term commodity price cycle

Sunspots high – sell or buy?

This is a follow up chart to our article about the solar cycle we posted back in January: New highs One reader pointed out that the actual sunspot peak can come anywhere between 3 and 5 years after the start of the cycle, and is thus not very visible in the charts that we presented.… Continue reading Sunspots high – sell or buy?

New highs

Stock markets have held steady, and several market indices have recorded all time highs. Still, most retail investors and people in the street are nowhere near optimistic about the economy. And that probably means there is more upside action to come. We have to bear in mind that the 2008 crisis and market decline is… Continue reading New highs