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LT wave for January 2020

Posted by Danny on January 2, 2020

After a few weak months our LT wave seems to have kicked back into the proper gear. This is the projected price pattern for S&P 500 in January:


After expected weakness in early December the market flatlined a bit before bursting higher in the subsequent strong period. For January the wave suggests a weak period until around the 9th, followed by a stronger week. Weakness kicks in again after the 19th, only interrupted by a few strong days around the 25th.

Good luck and happy 2020s.

5 Responses to “LT wave for January 2020”

  1. Ball said

    Hi Danny
    What is the blue curve vs the yellow curve ? are the horizontal lines green and red your lunar cycles?

  2. C C said

    Hi Danny, I wanted to ask if the LT Wave chart for the coming weeks are available now for paid subscribers. If you can get back to me I would appreciate it. Thank you

    • Danny said

      The LT wave is not given to paid subscribers. I post it on the blog on a when-time-permits basis, usually close to the start of the new months because then I can give more relevant comments on it.


  3. […] LT wave did fairly well in January. The month started slow with some downward pressure in the first week. The subsequent stronger […]

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